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  • Dog Grooming

    Brellavi Efficient Pet Hair Remover, Clean Dog and Cat Hair, Home Care Helper, Double-Sided, Travel Size Include

    £ 16.99

    EFFECTIVELY REMOVING PET FUR — No refills, no waste, no power plug! Swipe the fur with the direction “against the grain†on the items (follow the arrow direction as shown on the brush wand). It will help you get rid of the pet fur from furniture, couch, carpet, bed, car seats, carpet, clothes, etc. It is the most convenient and mess-free way to remove your pet hair.
    DOUBLE-SIDED DESIGN — Our Pet Hair Remover Brush can remove fur and lint with double-sided design. Work efficiency to remover pet fur as you expected. Twice swipe as double speed to get rid of unwanted hair, faster than the single-sided lint brush. It is incredibly economical and environmentally friendly.
    SELF-CLEANING BASE — Our Pet Hair Remover Brush is easy to clean with the self- cleaning base. Just dip the fur-filled brush into the base, and pull it out. It will quickly remove the fur on the brush wand. Get a clean brush again, whatâ€s better than an easy-to-clean cleaning tool!

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