• The State of Declawing Today

    The State of Declawing Today

    There’s no gentle way to put it, as it’s the truth: Declaw IS an amputation. No matter what type of technique is used (scalpel, clipper or laser) the end result is identical. It’s what world-renowned expert on declawing and the Paw Project Director of Pain Management, Dr. Robin Downing, calls a feline toe amputation. And

  • How to Handle the Post-Kitten Blues

    How to Handle the Post-Kitten Blues

    Time flies when you have a kitten. And before you know it, that little furball that loved pouncing and rolling all over your living room floor has grown into a sofa lion. Though you love your grown-up cat, you may feel a little sad she grew up so fast. Post-kitten blues are real. “There’s just

  • A cat looking out a window near books, a blanket, etc.

    Stay Home and Read One of These Great Books for Cat Lovers

    Here’s a look at the books we’re reading this month. Travels of Suki the Adventure CatIf you’re a fan of Suki and her popular Instagram account @sukicat, you’ll love this book. With the help of authors Martina Gutfreund (Suki’s human mom) and Leigh-Anne Ingram, Suki invites you to travel alongside her from the comfort of

  • Download The Full November 2020 Issue PDF

    Download The Full November 2020 Issue PDF

    Add-on Wellness Plans Tethered for Success A Kidnapped Baby from Planet Dog Paws for Winter What’s My Motivation? Savor The Flavor To continue reading this article or issue you must be a paid subscriber Subscribe Subscribe to Whole Dog Journal Get 12 issues of WHOLE DOG JOURNAL at a rate so low, it’s like getting

  • Bits Of Advice For New Dog Owners

    Bits Of Advice For New Dog Owners

    This darling little hound-mix joined the family for four days, recuperating from neuter surgery on my watch before being picked up by his new family. Last week, I “fostered” a dog for four nights – not a big deal. He was a hound-mix, about a year old, who had been languishing in my local shelter

  • An Update on Foster Puppy Coco

    An Update on Foster Puppy Coco

    I couldn’t take video and swim with Coco at the same time, but I was able to document her enjoyment of riding on paddleboard while Woody and Otto swam and ran along the shore. If only it was summer. I have been so eager for the end of the hot, dry weather that characterizes every

  • Adopt New Habits - Whole Dog Journal

    Slow Down! – Whole Dog Journal

    I’ve always been sort of a wuss about my dogs, but just typing the headline above made tears spring into my eyes. Otto is fine, but he also just turned 13 years old and has a few health conditions my veterinarians and I are watching carefully. (Yes, of course I have more than one veterinarian

  • Add-On Wellness Plans - Whole Dog Journal

    Add-On Wellness Plans – Whole Dog Journal

    Wellness visits are not covered by most “major medical” pet insurance plans. If you’d like an entire year to spread out the cost of routine care (a well-pet checkup with a blood test and perhaps a vaccination, heart worm test, and a prescription for a heart worm preventative), adding a wellness rider to your dog’s

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