Lost Dogs and Questions Without Answers

Lost Dogs and Questions Without Answers

Why do “stray” dogs always seem to appear when you have the least amount of time to deal with them?

In your experience, what proportion of lost dogs run away from people, and what proportion will come to a stranger readily? (In my experience, the runners are about 90%, the stranger-friendly ones are less than 10%.)

Why do so many lost dogs have collars and no tags? (You can just use a Sharpie to print a phone number on a collar, people!!)

Why are so few dogs microchipped when this wonderful technology allows for happy reunions years and thousands of miles away from the original dog/owner separation?

After a nice breakfast and a long drink of water, he makes himself pretty darn comfortable in my office as I post his photo on every local “lost and found pets” page I can find on Facebook.

Why are so many stray dogs reproductively intact? (I actually know the answer to this one.)

Is it just my community, or are there really more stray pit bull-mixes than any other type of dog?

I have a friend who posits that a stray, intact pit-mix is likely to live longer wandering the streets than he will if turned into the average local shelter. This makes me incredibly sad, but I think it might be true in many communities. Is this true in your community?

If he promised not to fight your dogs or eat your chickens, would you host this sweet fellow while your post-COVID-19 local shelter was not taking in strays? (This is not rhetorical.)

Why is the dog you found never one of the lost dogs posted on the shelter bulletin board?

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